Self Portrait

Self Portrait


In 2017 I wanted to join Blend Fest in Vancouver. Unfortunately I waited to much to get tickets and they sold out. There was an option to still get one entrance by doing a gif animation about yourself. This was that I end up doing in a couple of days.

Initial Sketches
3D objects as reference

For this one, I tried the new Animate cc (before flash) features and I was really happy that they added things that traditional animation demands. Normally, I will go for TV Paint but since it is all about trying new techniques, I mixed Animate cc for the animation and Photoshop for the coloring and texture. I also did a quick 3D reference of the objects I wanted to include as my hobbies, just to set on timing and behavior for the transitions.

Animate CC Animation
Final Gif

At the end I wasn’t picked to win the ticket within the other amazing submissions but I learned a lot, and Photoshop is now part of my normal workflow.

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