In this side project I wanted to apply a new way to rig simple characters and go back and animate in CG at least as an exercise and keep doing 3D on my free time. Of course is nothing stylize or focused on character acting, not even mechanics but it was more about having fun and doing something from beginning to the end

Sketch on Ipad
2D Target Design

I tested another rigging way with bendy limbs and the facial rig: replacement method, so every time there is a new mouth or eye shape, it would be changed  for another one with a custom attribute menu, like stop-motion animation does. Being the first attempt, I felt conformable to have total control over the character and focus more in the silhouette and appeal.

Concept Animation
Final 3D animation

The idea was to achieve the same 2D vector illustration look from the target design I did originally but within 3Ds max, that meant toon shader: Flat colors. Also, I avoided using keys-interpolation, so all animation is done in Hold keys (blocking animation).  Next time it would be a more complex character and animation for sure.

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