It is worth mentioning that this is a project that shows a vision and does not represent an existing product. It meant to be a showcase video but its purpose was affected by external circumstances that also damaged the direction of the product itself.

Having said that, the video has no sound design because the news came while we were working on the finishing part of the process.


These where the final boards I sketched, that made it almost identical to the final video but the story had many changes along the way, at some point, there was a fully-finished first version when the whole script was changed for good and I had to start over.

Color tests: Trying between dark or light themes plus complementary colors

Many sills for the first version. Some made it to the final piece but dark theme went darker to achieve more contrast in with the graphics


Rigs were pretty straight forward but I got to use the two script options (Joysticks ‘n Sliders and Duik) for rigging to see differences. Duik has many more tools apart from sliders and rigging and big thing to add: is for free. I got to go deep in the script and connect the mouth shapes to create a simple lip sync with opacity control to replace the different phonemes and eye states.

Making of

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