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Self Portrait

Self Portrait Making-Of In 2017 I wanted to join Blend Fest in Vancouver. Unfortunately I waited to much to get tickets and they sold out. There was an option to still get one entrance by doing a gif animation about yourself. This was that I end up doing in a couple of days. Initial Sketches […]

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Ninjut-sushi Making-Of In this side project I wanted to apply a new way to rig simple characters and go back and animate in CG at least as an exercise and keep doing 3D on my free time. Of course is nothing stylize or focused on character acting, not even mechanics but it was more about […]

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BNP: ATM machine character

BNP: ATM Machine Character Making-Of I saw  this character  many times at ATM machines back when I was in France. As an exercise to do some new rigging approaches,  I re-designed the character and test it with a short animation. 2D Concept 3D Target Design I wont go so much into details but here are some […]

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