BNP: ATM machine character

BNP: ATM Machine Character


I saw  this character  many times at ATM machines back when I was in France. As an exercise to do some new rigging approaches,  I re-designed the character and test it with a short animation.

2D Concept
3D Target Design

I wont go so much into details but here are some things I wanted to try:

• 2D  flat look,  Facial Rig with bones, CGUI Interface control picker and animation with no interpolation (blocking as final anim).

The flat look was mostly textures. The Facial Rig was done with typical bone techniques and range-limited controls. the Picker User interface is a script by Marcin Klejnowski that I wanted to try for some time. It works wonderful, but Every time I open a new max file while being already I max, I have to close the floating window and open it again, the good thing is that based on this I learned to script my own UI Picker.

Final animation
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