Motion Design Interview


While having some drinks and conversations with my talented videographer and friend Dragomir Ralchev and Matteo Rogolino, we ended up doing a video about Motion design. I tried to explain the process for almost every project I take on and what is Motion Design all about.


These Behind SAP design series videos are a great informal way to introduce you to the people in our department and the day a day work we do.



Check the rest of the videos here:

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Talking Animation


It was a blast being invited to a chat with the 5th semester of Multimedia Engineering students from my bachelor university in Colombia. We touched points on the industry, learning and tips to make it in the animation industry. 


👉  It is in Spanish.

👉  There are 20 min of the students work presentation.

as a plus, I am editing a video where I include the questions asked and a breakdown of the essentials to study and start in the workforce. I wish I had something like that when I studied and just because I have heard the same general questions for over 7 years and it would be practical to have it in an easy-to-process format. 

Books and Podcasts


I started to read and listen more books since the whole virus situation took over 2020. I always do a research before starting a new one, because at least for me, it’s a lot of time and effort getting trough one in a short time. mostly because I like books that teach something. Podcasts are easier to consume, normally while I drive, run or walk I am listening to one episode. For both, books and podcasts, I am trying to test  how much I can retain to later apply what I learned. 

These are some titles that I think you should check out:

📚 Books

Eat that frog
Key person of influence
Steve Jobs
The subtle art of not giving a fuck
Elon Musk
Steal like an artist
The art of thinking clearly
Surely you are joking MR. Feynman
The art of war
the selfish gene
Sophie’s World
Creativity, Inc

🎙️ Podcasts

The Futur

School of motion (animation)

Business Movers

How I built this

Life Kit

American Innovations

99% invisible

Hidden Brain

Mograph Podcast

Philosophy bites

Masters of motion (animation)

the Animated Journey (animation)

Adidas bootcamp video 


We had a great opportunity to go to Adidas headquarters and do a highlight video of a Fiori application development bootcamp.

The credit goes to my colleagues who push to, first,  go to the head quarters and interview the experts and second, to propose the mix between 2D animation and filmed footage plus the great coloring and editing made by the genius Dragomir Ralchev. Being the first time I took on filming task, I have to say how hard and demanding is to be aware of everything happening in the moment and making sure batteries, people, light, sound… everything is working and just pray that you get a good footage at the end of the day.

+1K Downloads of CursorKit


After 4 months, CursorKit Beta version has had more than 1000 downloads. I am happy to see how important UI animations have become and  have Impacted as another whole branch of animation.

Thanks to the feedback of CursorKit users, I was able to fit and modify the script to make it faster and optimize its functionality. Get Ready for CursorKit 1.0.

The requirements that helped the most where the ones from the people that kindly helped me by looking into the coding and usability of the panel itself. Thanks to: VinhSon Nguyen, Adam Plouff ,Dan Ebberts and Roman Rommel.

Motion Design Podcast


My good friend and colleague Dragomir and I were invited to a short conversation about Motion Design and our recently released principles for business software. We use these rules through the execution of Animations and micro-interactions for SAP Fiori and hopefully apply them to the design of all our products. This is the first part of a chat going through the basic concepts we had with Drago .


Talks 2017


Reviewing 2017 I found cool moments that I always try to reflect on. When measuring goals and small accomplishments I come across the same thing every year: Conferences. Not just attending but giving some talks a year is being a motivation tool to expose the world of animation to all kinds of people

I always enjoy bringing Motion Design and animation to the table and have interesting discussions about the applications, pros, cons and  the future of the industry. Keep in mind that these events are attended mostly by developers and designers focused on user interfaces and interactive media. The presentations where held in Sofia, Bulgaria being a small event with around 50 people and Walldorf, Germany with more than 270 people. So many people liked the talk that we had to open other channels to talk about other topics like Perceived Performance and UX guidelines for animations.

Talks 2016


In 2016 our topic: Motion design, was know as animation and micro-interactions, mainly a general concept of animation was leading the presentations we were doing. This time, I went trough the basic concepts of traditional animation and the applications to digital objects on user interfaces. Many people who attended the small workshop where designers who had some idea  of UI animations but not a deep knowledge of execution.

In Silicon Valley we were happy to meet great people who share the same geek-love for motion graphics, design and interfaces. We all set goals and brainstormed about the future of Motion design in our field (business software),  we even had the opportunity to go to Google campus and Apple headquarters to breathe-in some inspiration.
Right after we went back to Germany where we had a stage set for a different audience, a mix of developers and designers who were really enthusiastic to participate and eager to ask questions about basic concepts of physics and  psychology.

Skål short film


During my time in the one of the most prestigious animation school: Filmakademie, I got to be part of this amazing project. I jumped right at the end of production helping on the character animation.

Teaser is the only thing we can show for now.

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