UX Tools

UX TOOLS Script for After Effects

Simple, fast and efficient tools for precise keyframing in animation and  UX/UI prototyping in After effects.


• Move the current time to a desired time in Frames (fps), Miliseconds (ms) or Seconds (sec).

• Create or move Keys for the selected properties.

• Get the exact time for a set of selected keys respect to first selected key

• Create markers for the selected keys you want to know the time

UX KEYS module

Tired of calculating the exact animation times for app/web development? UX Keys gives you the precise time for your UX animations.

KEY Calculator module

It is the magical key teller. Just select a bunch of keys and you will get the values according to the first selected key and then create labeled markers for them with the time (fps,ms,sec)


• Download the zip file

• Unzip the content of  UX Quick Tools.zip  into the ScriptUI Panels folder and restart After Effects

                  Windows:  Program\Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels

                  MacOS:     Applications/After Effects/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels

• You will find the script under the Window menu.

• Open it, Dock it and Enjoy it!

Fixing some bugs, available really soon. If you are interested in beta testing, drop me an e-mail.