Sebastian Moreno

Motion Designer and Animator

06.2015   SAP SE (

Senior Motion UX Designer Walldorf, Germany.


Lead of all animated media and video plus UX content for SAP UX Design.

Visual Storyteller for products, services and showcases.


As motion designer, animated contect is used to present UX UI concepts even before the are developed. I have done multiple video prototypes showcasing the features and ideas behind our digital prodcuts plus learning and marketing content for those products.


07.2021   Careerfoundry (

UI Animation course Mentor.


Educator on the learning platform for UI animation.

Mentoring UX Design students.


Static designs isn’t enough these days to sell the idea, Taking their work to he next level by bringing those designs to life would create a remarcable engagement.


06.2014 – 09.2014     Cube creative ( 

Animation Internship Paris, France.


•  Focused on character animation for TV series.

•  Generalist artist for an efficient animation pipeline.


I have helped in the layout, workflow of the pre-animation work to do for series to then, stepping into the animation of characters and full shots.


09.2012 – 02.2013       Autobotika ( 

Animator and VFX Generalist Bogota, Colombia.


• Design, model and finish 3D environments for VFX.

Animation of 3D characters for commercials.


02.2012 – 08.2012      Mompozt (   

Animator and CG Generalist Bogota, Colombia

• Create simple character animation for TV series.


01.2011 – 12.2011        Seminarium (   

Programmer and Motion designer Bogota, Colombia.


• Motion graphics re-branding for CNN TV commercials.


04.2010 – 11.2010      Brainz (  previously: Zio Studios  

CG Generalist Internship Bogota, Colombia.


• Coached to produce 3D models for TV advertising.

08.2014 – 05.2015       Filmakademie (

Guest Student Ludwigsburg, Germany.


  • Assistance for the R&D department in the project “Dreamspace”
  • Character animation for “Skall” final diploma short film.


09.2013 – 09.2014         Gobelins (

Master in 3D Animation Annecy, France.


  • Character Animation for film and series.
  • Animation principles applied to acting.


03.2013 – 07.2013        Université Catholique de Lyon (

Lyon, France.


  • French Grammar advanced level
  • French exam B2


07.2005 – 07.2011        Military University “Nueva Granada” (

Bogota, Colombia.


  • Multimedia Engineering diploma from university.
  • Media design creation, communication and software development.


08.2006 – 05.2007   Montgomery College (

Rockville, Maryland.


  • English Grammar advanced level.
  • English exam B2.


  • Illustrator
  • After effects
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Animate

3D Software

  • Maya
  • 3DS Max
  • ZBrush
  • C4D
  • Blender


  • Adobe script
  • 3ds Max Script
  • Python


  • English: Fluent Level
  • French: Professional level
  • Spanish: Native speaker
  • German: Basic Level